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Two television ads for Daniel Cameron’s campaign for Attorney General honored

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (February 21, 2020) – RunSwitch PR, the largest public relations and public affairs firm in Kentucky, and its valued partner Grit Creative were presented with two prestigious Reed Awards by Campaigns and Elections Magazine at a ceremony in Atlanta, Georgia, on Thursday night. Named for Campaigns & Elections founder Stanley Foster Reed, the Reed Awards were established to identify the best of the political campaign industry.

RunSwitch PR and Grit Creative won awards for two television ads made for Daniel Cameron’s successful campaign for Attorney General of Kentucky. The first ad, called “Lincoln,” won for best TV ad for a statewide non-federal campaign. The second, “Dirty Bird,” won for “Best Villain in a TV Ad.” The ads competed against entries across the nation.

“Daniel Cameron is a unique and special candidate, and he will do great things for Kentucky,” said RunSwitch PR partner Scott Jennings, who wrote the ads. “It was an honor to advise General Cameron, and I couldn’t be prouder of him and all that he represents about the future of our Commonwealth.”

Cameron bested his Democratic opponent Greg Stumbo, a former Attorney General and Kentucky House Speaker, by more than 15 points.

“We shot the ‘Lincoln’ ad using a drone in the state capitol rotunda around the famous statue of our 16th president,” said ad producer Vincent Fields, founder of Grit Creative. “We were honored to help present General Cameron’s story to the people of Kentucky.”

Of Dirty Bird, Fields said the challenge was finding a visual concept to break through a cluttered ad space.

“With the candidates for governor and outside groups spending millions, we needed something that was visually startling and different than everything else on television,” Fields said. “I was proud of our team for thinking creatively and coming up with this memorable concept highlighting our opponent’s vulnerabilities.”

Jennings and Fields have teamed up several times in their career, running campaigns and making award winning creative for several candidates and independent expenditure groups. Their work helped flip the Kentucky State House in 2016 from Democratic to Republican control.

“Daniel was a great candidate and Vince is a really talented artist. It’s always fun when you can blend a candidate’s personal story and style with crisp writing and visually appealing creative, and voters respond to it,” Jennings said.


Category: Best TV Ad for a Statewide Campaign

Winner: Lincoln – RunSwitch PR and Grit Creative won the honor of Best TV Ad for a Statewide Campaign for showcasing 2019 Kentucky Attorney General candidate Daniel Cameron speaking on his childhood inspiration of 16th United States President Abraham Lincoln which led him to walk in his footsteps and run for office, in turn, winning the contest.

Category: Best Villain in a TV Ad

Winner: Dirty Bird – RunSwitch PR and Grit Creative won the “Best Villain in a TV Ad” category with “Dirty Bird.” The television advertisement placed 2019 Democratic candidate for Kentucky Attorney General Greg Stumbo in the hot seat for his lack of transparency during his election campaign. Stumbo was outed for secretly voting himself for a million-dollar pension while neglecting the pensions for school systems.



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